Cricut Adventure Packing List

March 28th - April 1st

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Cricut Adventure Packing Lists

Welcome to the Packing List! If you’re adventuring with us you might be wondering where to find the supplies that each Tour Guide recommends in their video workshop. To make it SUPER easy for you, we’ve put them together with links on this page. 

Travel Essentials

This page contains recommended products with affiliate links from our tour guides. They may make a small commission if you purchase through their link. Thank you for supporting our guides!

Packing Lists for Day One of the Adventure!

Amy's Packing List

Learn how to make easy and fun vintage camper key chains and earrings using faux leather, heat transfer vinyl, and a Cricut. These projects can be made with the Cricut Maker, Maker 3, Explore Air 2, Explore 3, or even the Cricut Joy.

Jen's Packing List

Try something new with me as we engrave wood with the Cricut Maker to craft these unique wooden travel notebooks. I’ve got all the shortcuts and tested different ways to color and embellish the notebooks so you have the perfect place to keep track of those travel to-do’s!

Accordion Content

Cricut Maker

Basswood Blanks 4” x 4”

Wood Notebook (Small, Medium, Large Sizes)

Blue Painter’s Tape

Double Stick Tape

Purple Strong Grip Mat

Engraving Tool

Knife Blade


Stain (Minwax, Unicorn Spit, Tattered Angels ColorWash, Gel Stain etc.)

Old Cloth, Foam Brush, or Paper Towel to apply Stain

Beacon 3-in-1 Glue or Wood Glue

Abbi's Packing List

Personalize your own adventure photo map! Learn how to create a map of the USA, mountain terrain, or the world with family photos of your travels. Display your one-of-a-kind map showing where you’ve been as home decor or a unique gift. In this workshop, you will learn Cricut Print Then Cut skills, vinyl techniques, and clipping images into shapes!

Accordion Content

Any current full-size Cricut machine (Explore 2, Explore 3, Maker or Maker 3)


Permanent vinyl

Transfer tape

Printable vinyl

Inkjet printer

12 x 12 Cricut mat

12 x 24 Cricut mat

Photos of your choice

Picture frame or wood sign

Weeding tool

Cricut scraper

Fine-point blade

Parchment paper

Lucy's Packing List

Learn how to make the cutest Adventure Pop-Up Card with a mini bus on the road to the mountains. 
We’ll go over the decorative elements to the card. But most important, is how to construct the pop-up mechanism that brings the card to life.

Accordion Content

Cricut Maker or Cricut Explore Air – any model

Cardstock – various colors – 65#

Background cardstock piece – 8.5 x 11″ folded  in half to make a card 5.5 inches wide and 8.5 inches tall

Light grip of standard grip mat (if it’s not too sticky)

Fine point blade

Scoring tool or scoring wheel 

Glue – I prefer Bearly Art Glue

Sarah's Packing List

Showcase your favourite beach photo in a beautiful layered papercraft shadow box. In this step-by-step video, see how to perfectly size your photo to fit the design in Cricut Design Space, how to print-then-cut with your Cricut machine and how to stick everything together in your frame. This is a great papercraft project for all crafting abilities, whether you’re new to papercrafting with a Cricut or you’ve been crafting for years!

Accordion Content

Cricut machine (Maker, Maker 3, Explore Air 2 or Explore Air 3)

Fine point blade 

Light grip cutting mat (light blue)

Colour printer

A digital photo from your holiday/vacation

1 sheet of Photo paper (glossy or matte)

Square shadow box (box frame)

Coloured cardstock in various colours

Glue (e.g. Collall, Bearly Art Glue or Art Glitter Glue)

Foam squares or strips

Brayer tool (optional)

Scraper tool (optional)

Michelle of 12" x 12 Cardstock Shop's Packing List

Let’s make an adorable beach tote complete with a mini lei. This is a fun way to give a retirement or travel gift to someone! We’ll learn how to make a dimensional purse/bag with paper and explore some of my favorite papers from 12×12 Cardstock Shop.

Accordion Content

Cricut Standard Grip 12×12 Mat

Cricut Scoring Blade

Cricut Fine Point Blade

2 Sheets Textured Straw Colored 12×12 Cardstock 

1/2 Sheet 12×12 Red Cardstock  

1/2 Sheet 12×12 Pink Cardstock 

1/4 Sheet 12×12 Fern Green Cardstock 

1/4 Sheet 12×12 Black Cardstock 

1/4 Sheet 12×12 Yellow Cardstock 

24″ Red ribbon

36″ Strong Thread

36 Red Beads (perler beads, seed beads, or see my hack with a stirring straw)


Liquid Adhesive

Day 1 Bonus Excursions ✈️

Jennifer's Packing List

Discover a variety of ways to enter the world of sublimation using your Cricut machine! I’ll show you the tools and supplies I love and trust, and then show off a wide variety of full color  projects made with sublimation. You’ll see gorgeous, full color designs on a travel mug, a backpack, a travel journal, flip flops, and a can cooler using sublimation prints, pens, markers, and transfer sheets (Infusible Ink). We’ll even make something together from start to finish so you can see the whole process. Come on a fun sublimation adventure with me!
Accordion Content

Sublimation Prints (using sublimation paper and sublimation ink)

Cricut Infusible Ink Transfer Sheets

Cricut Infusible Ink Pens & Markers

Cricut EasyPress 12″ x 10″

Convection Oven (for mugs)

Sublimation Travel Mug (coated stainless steel)

Sublimation Backpack (polyester)

Sublimation Journal (coated PVC vinyl)

Sublimation Flip Flops (coated EVA plastic foam)

Sublimation Can Cooler (coated neoprene)

White cardstock

White uncoated butcher paper

Heat-resistant tape


Gjoa's Packing List

Learn the basics of using Cricut Design Space on the iOS mobile app. 
In this excursion, we’ll cover the basics of getting with the iOS mobile app (both iPhone and iPad).
Learn how to use shapes, and text, Combine functions, offset and upload SVG files.

Accordion Content

All you need for this is an iPad or iPhone.

Packing Lists for Day Two of the Adventure!

Emily's Packing List

You’ll learn to make a simple photo explosion box with your favorite travel memories.  Emily will teach you how to add your own photos to projects using Design Space.  Get ready to relive your travels and create a one-of-a-kind keepsake!  

Tisa's Packing List

Have you ever wanted to bling, or maybe even thought, what is blinging or bedazzling?  How can I get started?  What supplies are needed?  We will cover the basics for starting a small bling/rhinestone/bedazzling project.  You will see a list of supplies used to complete my project, and at the end of the presentation, you will be well on making your personalized luggage or lanyard-blinged badge.  Please note these luggage tags are for carry-on luggage only.  

So grab your Cricut machines and a few other supplies and let’s get started.  I’m excited and can’t wait for you to join in on the fun!

Stephanie's Packing List

Traveling with only a carry-on bag is more and more appealing these days. But that means you have to downsize a lot of your bathroom essentials! Using Print then Cut with your Cricut, let’s make cute waterproof labels to keep all your bottles organized. I’ll even share backgrounds and the font I use so you can add any additional items I didn’t include.

Accordion Content

Cricut Maker 3 (but any Explore or Maker will work)

Fine point blade (default blade)

Blue (light grip) mat

Waterproof Sticker Paper (there’s often a coupon on their homepage too!)

Home printer 

Toiletry containers:  Bottles  Mini Jars

Love Love font or free Bluberry is very similar

Naomi's Packing List

Make this super fun and extremely portable tic tac toe game for kids to carry along.  I’ll even demonstrate ways to customize for any adventure.

Creative Fabrica's Packing List

Together with Creative Fabrica, Kelly will show you how to easily burn fun designs into wood using your Cricut machine, and all of the tips and tricks needed to make your first adventure into wood burning a great success!

Accordion Content

Seek Adventure SVG file – FREE for a limited time

Smart Permanent Vinyl

Transfer Tape

Untreated wood chopping board

Wood burning gel

Flat Paint Brush

Heat Gun

Laura's Packing List

We will be wrapping our tumbler with a beach-themed design and we will cover working with adhesive vinyl, wrapped design strategies, working with glass can tumblers, layering vinyl, and more! Join me and get ready for your next crafting addiction! These are too fun! 

Accordion Content

Cricut Maker or Explore

7 12X12 permanent adhesive vinyl sheets (I am using StarCraft HD matte permanent vinyl in colors: black, white, beige, cream, mint green, powder blue, and powder pink)

Fine point blade

Standard grip machine mat

Adhesive vinyl transfer tape (I am using Styletech/TapeTech brand, medium tack) 


Weeding hook

Squeegee (optional) 

Tumbler cradle (optional) 

Glass can tumbler 


Day 2 Bonus Excursions ✈️

Jen's Packing List

Create illustrated maps in Procreate that you can use to create personalized wall decor with your Cricut! This excursion will show you how to go from an idea to a finished project using the iPad app Procreate and your crafting skills. You’ll get all the cheats and shortcuts to make this adventure easy to navigate and once we reach the end of our journey you’ll absolutely love viewing all the possibilities of designing with Procreate. Free downloads included in this workshop are some simple Procreate stamps and brushes- so be sure to grab them!

Megan's Packing List

Come with me on an excursion to learn about the Cricut Hat Press. We will create a custom hat as well as explore new ideas and ways to use the Hat Press for more than just hats!

Packing Lists for Day Three of the Adventure!

Betsy's Packing List

Ready to try resin? Let’s prepare for our next trip with an adorable adventure fund! We’ll start by using a silicone mold to pour our resin “piggy bank” and then personalize it with a fun vinyl SVG.

Natalie's Packing List

Learn how to use Cricut glow-in-the-dark Iron-on and regular Everyday Iron-on to make a fun pajama t-shirt that is sure to get a reaction once you see it in the dark!

Kelsey's Packing List

Together we will assemble three different postcards – one with manual movement, one shaker, and one with a print and cut option. These are super fun to assemble to show off your creativity while on the move. 

Amy's Packing List

Learn how to find a monogram font and download it to use in Cricut Design Space to use with a luggage monogram cut file. Then you’ll learn how to cut adhesive vinyl out and apply it to a tumbler. Plus, I’ll be sharing some tricks on how to get it straight!

Accordion Content

Blue one with handle 

Grey one  

Coral one 

Cricut Permanent Adhesive Vinyl or Oracal 651 

Green cutting mat

Weeding tools, scraper  

Transfer tape 

Rubbing alcohol

Blue painter’s tape (optional)

Embossing gun or hair dryer (optional)

Michelle's Packing List

A mint green vintage bug is the start to any great adventure! In this class I’ll be teaching you how to design your own handmade card sentiments in the Cricut Design Software. Then we’ll be assembling this adorable card using one of the sentiments.

Accordion Content

Cricut Standard Grip


Cricut Fine Point Blade

Cricut Scoring Blade

1 Sheet 8 1/2 x 11 White Cardstock

1/4 Sheet 8 1/2 x 11 Dark Peach Cardstock (I used Dotted Swiss )

1/4 Sheet 12×12  Glitter Cardstock

1/4 Sheet 12×12 Mirror Foil Cardstock

Scraps of black, yellow and red Cardstock 

Foam Adhesive Dots

Liquid Adhesive

Megan's Packing List

Create a photo frame with your Cricut! This frame is inspired by a Polaroid style photo and uses wood, acetate, and magnets! Follow along for crafty tips, tricks, and alternate material suggestions if you’re not using a Cricut Maker machine!

Day 3 Bonus Excursions ✈️

Kimberly's Packing List

In this workshop, we’re going to first learn how to source graphics inside and outside of Canva. Then we’re going to learn how to identify small differences in style that’ll help us apply easy techniques to turn those individual graphics into a sticker collection you can use in your digital planner or use with your Cricut machine.

Accordion Content

Digital Supplies that might be helpful for this class:

For working on your stickers:
+ Canva free or pro
+ A site where you can purchase art or SVGs for commercial use

If Illustrating any stickers:
Ipad or Tablet
A Stylus like an Apple Pencil or a Wacom Pen

Lucy's Packing List

Use your Cricut Maker to add texture and dimension to your paper crafts. We’ll cover using the debossing tool, drawing for texture and dimension, and making stencils with your Cricut Maker. 

For debossing, I’ll show you how I use a wood grain pattern for my little houses. 

Using the same pattern, we’ll draw the same wood grain pattern for an easy way to add texture. 

And finally, I’ll show you how to make and use stencils for adding dimension to your paper crafts. 

Accordion Content

Cricut Maker or Cricut Maker 3

Debossing Tip  

Standard grip cutting mat for debossing

Painters Tape

Light grip cutting mat for drawing on card stock

Card stock or cardboard

Craft foam 

Ways to color card stock and stenciled material such as drawing pens, crayons, and/or ink to color your paper
Cricut Pens

Pen adapter for other pens  

Texture paste – Grit paste is my favorite 

Stencil material options

Cutting Mat protector

Clear Acetate for Stencils- 4 mil or 0.1mm thick 

Packing Lists for Day Four of the Adventure!

Tara's Packing List

Join Tara in this beginner friendly workshop as she walks you through every step to create a layered paper cake topper using your Cricut machine. Tara will walk you through how to assemble your cake topper and share paper crafting secrets throughout the workshop. You can craft right along with Tara and will finish the workshop feeling more confident with your paper crafting skills.

Jamela's Packing List

Learn how to cut the faux leather material, put the pieces together, hand sew the pieces together, and apply a fun vinyl label. 

Chelly's Packing List

Learn how easy it can be to make scrapbook page layouts with your Cricut or cutting machine. Using my SimplyCUTe SVG, some fun paper and a few creative steps, and you now have a professional-looking layout that’s cute and simple to create.

Accordion Content

12×12 White (background)
12×12 Clouds (blue)
Scraps or 12×12 for Black, Bright blue, Yellow, Gray and white
Tape Runner
Glue Pen
Foam Tape

Cricut or cutting Machine (I used the Maker)
Find these links in my Amazon Shop Scrapbook tab: https://www.amazon.com/shop/wecanmakethat/list/48G4RBOCMFTZ

Debbie's Packing List

Learn tips for successfully layering two different iron on vinyl types to a canvas tote bag. Pick up Design Space tips you can use on other Cricut projects too. Create the perfect trip accessory for your next adventure. 

Michelle's Packing List

Learn how to make stickers with your Cricut. This class will cover my favorite sticker paper, print settings, cut settings and includes 6 sticker designs. 

Jennifer's Packing List

Learn how to screen print using your Cricut machine and adhesive vinyl. Jennifer will walk you through the entire process step by step. You’ll see just how easy it is to make professional quality shirts using your Cricut.

Day 4 Bonus Excursions ✈️

Natalie's Packing List

Learn everything you need to know to get started with the Cricut foil transfer kit plus tips and tricks to succeed in your new adventure!

Accordion Content

Cricut from the Maker or Explore Families or even a Cricut Joy




Regular fine point blade that comes with all the Cricut 

Light grip mat or Standard grip mat  Foil transfer kit for the Maker or Explore families  – or – Foil transfer kit for the Joy  

Foil transfer sheets (optional, since there are already some in the Cricut foil kit) 

Cardstock of your choice

Abbi's Packing List

Discover how to cut cardstock projects without the frustrations of your paper tearing. I’ll share five pro tips that will help you achieve perfectly cut paper crafts with your Cricut every time!

Packing Lists for Day Five of the Adventure!

Jen's Packing List

Learn how cut a rhinestone template, place the stones, and make a fun, Adventure-ous t-shirt to wear on your many (hopefully) trips!  

Brandi's Packing List

In this workshop, you will get an exclusive SVG to create this super cute Mini RV Farewell Greeting Card, perfect for all of the RVers in your life.  We will use traditional cardstock, pattern paper, as well as HTV to create intricate sentiments.

Crystal's Packing List

One of my favorite things about going on amusement park vacations is character experiences! In this class you’ll learn how to make a DIY autograph book for collecting the autographs of your favorite characters. Then we are going to turn your treasured photographs of your family and their favorite pals into Print Then Cut photo stickers to decorate the pages with. You’ll even learn how to turn digital paper and patterns into pretty sticker photo frames! At the end of this class you will have created a treasured family keepsake and learned some new Cricut skills!

Gina's Packing List

Learn how to layer a multi-colored vinyl shirt. I will help you explore some tools in Design Space so you can personalize your own family beach vacation shirt. I will go over tips on prepping your shirt for pressing and how to fix any mistakes that might happen along the way! It’s going to be an adventure for sure!

Accordion Content

Cricut Machine

Standard Grip Mat 

Fine Tip Blade

Siser Easyweed HTV/Iron-on Vinyl 
Colors used: Lemon, Yellow, Passion Pink, Purple, Royal Blue, Sky Blue, Pale Blue



Parchment Paper 




Click here for recomme­nded design size for your shirts.

Tracy's Packing List

Take a plain wooden box and transform it into a fun keepsake box for all your travel memories. We will paint the box with acrylic paint, then add the free travel treasure box SVG cut from adhesive vinyl. I will also show you how to size and print your digital paper using Google Docs. We will print the digital paper onto cardstock and add it to the inside of your keepsake box using mod podge. 

Accordion Content

Wooden Box – I purchased mine in-store at Michaels 

Find them on Amazon here

Acrylic Paint
Wicker White Matte 

True Blue Matte 

Acrylic Craft Paint Set

Sand Paper

Foam Brush

Painters Tape

Small Screwdriver for removing box hardware 

Cricut Explore Air 2

Standard Grip Mat 

Fine Point Blade 

Adhesive vinyl

Cardstock for printing on and for your stencil 

Paper cutter/trimmer 

Mod podge   


Weeding Tools

Pin Pen 

Transfer Tape 

Vinyl Application Tool 

Alice's Packing List

This felt bunting project is designed for travel. Before you head off on your adventure, pre-cut and glue your felt mushroom pieces to the dragon scale bunting. Then you only need to travel with a few basic embroidery supplies. As you travel collect patches and souvenirs to add to the finished bunting.  Prefer paper? A bonus paper tutorial can be found with the sunflower and robin designs on my website. 

Accordion Content

• Paper, Felt, or vinyl in the following colors.

• Mushroom Caps – red, green, yellow

• Mushroom spots – white

• Stems – grey brown

Dragon Scale Bunting – For 5 Flags
(Paper or Felt) – 8.5×11” or larger 

• Yellow- 2 sheets or more

• Blue- 3 sheets or more

• String or Ribbon – about 1/2” wide

Both Mushroom and Bunting
• Cricut Pen – I used Black .4 size (for paper)

Glue that matches your materials  

Embroidery floss in coordinating colors for felt (optional)  

• Cricut – Any model (Joy mushroom only)

• Fine Point Blade (paper and bonded felt) or Rotary Blade (bonded or unbonded felt)

Scoring wheel or Scoring stylus (paper Bunting)  

Standard or Light Grip Mat (Paper or Felt with freezer paper)  OR Fabric Mat for unbonded felt    

• Freezer Paper (Felt)

Day 5 Bonus Excursions ✈️

Naomi's Packing List

Take this “Crafting Day Trip” to learn about the basics of using your Cricut to make beautiful glass etchings.  You’ll explore the materials needed and few best practices.  Our excursion ends with a quick glass etching demo.

Accordion Content

Cricut Joy (or any Cricut machine) 

Fine point blade 

Standard grip mat 

Adhesive vinyl (any color, permanent or removable) 

Transfer tape

Small scraper or squeegee 

Glass plate (or other glass object) 

Design template (This can be anything; in the demonstration, I’m using a monogram from Cricut Design Space.)

Etchall Etching Creme 

Water source

Isopropyl Alcohol

Paper towels

Waterproof gloves

Drop cloth or protective covering

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