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Get excited because our tour guides outdid themselves in designing these adventures! Below you’ll find the event schedule with photos of all the incredible projects.

 Presentations will be LIVE for 24 hours starting at 9:00 AM EST the day they’re scheduled.

Take a Peek Inside the Cricut Crafting Adventure Travel Journal! 📖

Adventures are more exciting when you’ve someone to share them with! So instead of a boring old schedule page, we decided to take you along on the journey by sharing our travel journal. Enjoy!

🖊️Adventure Journal Day One- March 28th

Cricut Crafting Adventure Day One-

Today, we started the adventure with the cutest hike into the faux-leather forest with Amy, re-discovered how fun photo maps are with Abbi, adventured into the wood(s) with Jen’s engraved wood journals, tripped up the mountain in Lucy’s VW van pop-up card, stopped to frame up a photo-op with Sarah’s layered shadowbox decorand ended the day on the beach with a cute little paper tote that Michelle from 12″ x 12″ Cardstock showed us how to make!

I ended the day with a cup of hot tea made in a mug using sublimation that I learned from Jennifer’s Expedition (wow! Live!) – and I FINALLY learned how to use Design Space on mobile from Gjoa. Now I can create on the go! It was the perfect first day of this creative adventure.

Amy Romeu

“So excited to start the Cricut Adventure with Tour Guide Amy Romeu and this simple but fabulous faux leather project!”

Jen Swift

“Woohoo! It’s an adventure with this engraving wood tutorial! And be sure to share in the Facebook group if this is something you had no idea you could do with a Cricut!”

Abbi Kirsten

“Keep track of where you’ve been or dream of where you’d like to go with this personalized map wall decor. Abbi Kirsten shares enough variations; you’ll want to make more than one too!”

Lucy Foxworth

“Luuuucy! You’ve done it again! Lucy Foxworth makes the cutest pop-up cards, and this little van would make a great choice for grads, bdays, retirement or anyone getting ready for their next adventure.”

Sarah Edwards

“Layered paper projects are always a favorite, both because they’re so easy and the results are magical. You’ll love the addition of the photos to this project!”

Michelle | 12" x 12" Cardstock Shop

“I absolutely LOVE the little details on this project. The little lei and sunglasses totally make this project, and this will definitely add WOW factor to my gifts!”

Day 1 Bonus Excursions ✈️


“I’ve seen so much about sublimation but had no clue I could combine it with my Cricut crafting! Mind is blown – I can’t wait for this LIVE event!” 

This Special Event will be held on March 28th and a replay will be available to all ticket holders later that week. 

Adventure Into Cricut Design Space for Mobile and Tablets

“THANK YOU! I’ve been waiting for someone to show me how to use Cricut’s mobile apps.”

🖊️Adventure Journal Day Two- March 29th

Cricut Crafting Adventure Day Two-

Today I spent a little time taking photos so I could make Emily’s cute little suitcase photo box, gave my luggage tags a bling makeover with Tisa’s workshop, personalized my travel containers with Stephanie’s adorable labels, planned ahead to keep the kids busy with Naomi’s travel game, got adventurous woodburning with Kelly and Creative Fabrica, and finished the day with a little something fabulous (Laura’s layered vinyl tumblers)!

THEN, I grabbed a sandwich and watched Jen’s workshop on designing with Procreate, and after experiencing the Hat Press with Megan, I know that I can confidently say I can custom design my own hats. 

Watch out girls – this adventurer is going to turn heads* with this new look!

*Get it? Turn heads? Because they’re hats…

Emily Minor

“Emily’s a genius with these little exploding boxes! The details in this design are incredible. What a gift!”

Tisa Jackson

“I don’t know how I existed without blinged luggage tags for this long. Really.”

Stephanie Paxman

“I love how personalized I can make my little waterproof travel toiletries labels.”

Naomi Garcia

“The kids get restless as they travel, and having a little bag of entertainment like this for restaurants, the plane, or the car is the perfect solution!”

Kelly Rossouw | Creative Fabrica

“So glad Creative Fabrica is sharing Kelly and her techniques with our adventure- they’re definitely lighting up my creativity.”

Laura Lambert

“We are going to be soooo fabulous on tour with these trendy glass tumblers. And how cute is that design?!”

Day 2 Bonus Excursions ✈️

Adventure Into Procreate for Cricut

“Wow! I’m totally gob-smacked at how much is possible with this app, and I love that Jen shows us ways to do this that don’t require me to dust off those art skills from grade school!”

Adventures with the Cricut Hat Press

“I’ve had the Hat Press since it came out but not until Megan’s excursion did I realize how cool it was! So glad she shared this deep dive with us!”

🖊️Adventure Journal Day Three- March 30th

Cricut Crafting Adventure Day Three-

Today was definitely an adventure! We tried resin with Betsy – many of us for the first time! Then, I thought it was back to the more familiar paper crafting but Kelsey shook it up (pun intended) with cards that shook, rattled, and rolled. Next, we all giggled to ourselves when we saw Natalie’s glow-in-the-dark t-shirts. It will be such a scream to surprise the kids during the next camping trip! And the retro in me totally tripped for Michelle’s VW Bug card, and Megan’s Polaroid Magnets. Honestly, if it wasn’t for Amy’s decorated tumbler being so cute, and drawing so much attention I might have forgotten to stay hydrated!

AND THEN! Can I tell you how much I’m enjoying the bonus excursions? I learned from Kimberly how to use Canva to create my own stickers! I can’t wait to try some custom designs. I guess “custom” could be the word of the night because then I indulged in some “me” time with Lucy as she showed me how to really “elevate” my crafts with some 3-D texture. 

Dear travel journal, I’m on a roll with the crafty puns and I’m not sorry at all!

Betsy Smith

“Resin has been on my to-try list for a while, but it wasn’t until I took this adventure with Betsy that I felt confident enough to try it. But I can tell those molds are going to be addictive! In the very best way of course!”

Kelsey Sergi

“Postcards for an adventure is such a clever idea! And then Kelsey makes them even more of an experience with the moveable elements. I’m in love!”

Natalie Desrochers

“Oh, my! Natalie’s adventure was one surprise after another! I love how she took the glow-in-the-dark vinyl and did such a clever project with it!”

Megan Meketa

“Megan makes cutting wood with a Cricut simple and completely doable in this fun adventure. And the refrigerator magnets? A-door-able!”

Michelle Price

“I admit to being bitted by the cutest love bug when I saw these cards from Michelle. I love the layered elements, but being able to add my own message really inspired me! “

Amy Pelzner

“Hydrating isn’t always at the top of my to-do list when I’m obsessing over a project- but that’s changed now that I have this eye-catching tumbler to keep with me!”

Day 3 Bonus Excursions ✈️

Adventure Into Creating Designs in Canva

“Designing stickers is so much easier than I thought it could be, and I absolutely love Kimberly’s easy-to-follow instructions on Canva. I feel like I’ll be looking into this a lot more!”

Adventure Into 3D Papercrafts with Texture

“Just thinking of how flat I’ve made my papercrafts all these years when I could have added texture so easily…sigh. Well, I’m thrilled I watched this Excursion with Lucy now!”

🖊️Adventure Journal Day Four- March 31st

Cricut Crafting Adventure Day Four-

Mmmmm…. cake for breakfast is an excellent way to start a day of adventure! Dear travel journal, this handmade cake topper from Tara is so cute- you don’t know what you’re missing.

Oh! Except for your own companion luggage tag. Jamela showed me today how easy it is to cut leather on a Cricut, so you’ll get a buddy soon! 

Speaking of buddies, I had so much fun crafting with my friends today – we made Chelly’s airplane travel page and laughed as we looked through our phones for photos to use. Of course, it took me forever to FIND my phone, good thing we decorated Debbie’s travel tote bag to keep everything together. And after that, well, let’s say I decided to decorate everything! I mean, why not when Michelle showed me how to make the cutest stickers, and I learned Screen Printing from Jennifer at last! 

SO fun to wrap up day FOUR of this adventure with two deep dives- one by Natalie using the Cricut foiling tool and another by Abbi Kirsten on how to get the perfect cardstock cuts

Tara Wiley

“Warning: This ADORABLE cake topper may create unrealistic expectations for the rest of the cake. If only I baked as well as I craft. Look at that cuteness! Next time I’ll buy the cake and save the time to craft!”

Jamela Payne

“I’m going to say it. I had no idea how easy it is to make my own leather travel accessories with a Cricut! And the best part is NO ONE would look at this and think I made that with my Cricut!”

Chelly Ontis

“What a great excuse to get my photos off my phone and into a book. I love the cloud cut-outs, and the font makes this page even more memorable. “

Debbie O'Neal

“Debbie says this is her favorite travel accessory, and I can’t say I blame her. It’s both utilitarian AND cute. Plus, I can think of so many ways to use that design!”

Michelle Beaton

“Watch me get all the jealous looks at the airport when I show off my new luggage stickers! And no one needs to know it’s a wish list of destinations and not exactly places I’ve been….. yet!”

Jennifer Sanderson

“I want it. Literally, I would buy a t-shirt like this in a hot minute if I could find it in a store. So excited that Jennifer showed me how to make them!”

Day 4 Bonus Excursions ✈️

Adventure into Foiling with the Cricut Foiling Tool

“Oooh… I can’t wait to use the foiling tool now that I understand it so much better. Sometimes it just takes a confident teacher to help us over the mental hurdles and give us that little push to just try it!”

Adventure in Cutting Cardstock

“This adventure makes cutting cardstock LESS of an adventure in all the best ways! With Abbi’s pro hacks, I feel much more confident that I’ll get consistently successful cuts!”

🖊️Adventure Journal Day Five- April 1st

Cricut Crafting Adventure Day Five-

Dear journal, what a way to end the Cricut Crafting Adventure! First, I made a shiny pretty shirt for me using Jen’s methods- every girl needs a little adventure glam, right? Then, adventuring with Tracy, we created the cutest little keepsakes box that I can’t wait to fill! 

Next, we made super bright beach t-shirts with Gina that will be perfect for our next family get-together. And Crystal’s idea about using print then cut to make photos was inspired! Of course, with everything coming to an end, Brandi’s farewell card seemed appropriate, and Alice’s take-along felt pennant craft will be the perfect thing to keep my hands busy on the way home.

Thank goodness for one last excursion! I loved Naomi’s glass etching excursion and am already planning on making gifts using this technique!

Jen Stahr

“Hmm… does my blinged luggage tag make this shirt look shiny? Or is it the RHINESTONES?! I had no idea how easy it was to climb this mountain until Jen led me up to the summit!”

Tracy Lewis

“Maybe we all have a little Pandora in us because I don’t regret opening this box at all. The custom paper inside- such a cute surprise!”

Gina Cortez

“One might think I made these to be cute, but really it makes it SO easy to spot everyone on the beach. It’s so much easier to justify purchasing blank t-shirts in bulk when I can prove it’s a security measure! And if there are a few extras… “

Crystal Allen

“We LOVE getting autographs and now have the perfect place to put them.”

Brandi Mahon

“Farewell made cute is what we’d call this mini RV card.”

Alice Smith-Goehke

“What a way to wrap up a fabulous adventure- with a project to take on the go!”

Day 5 Bonus Excursions ✈️

Adventure into Glass Etching With a Cricut

“Glass etching with a Cricut? I admit it looks harder than it is, especially once Naomi Garcia shows how simple it can be in this excursion!”

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