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Take a Peek Inside the Cricut Crafting Adventure Travel Journal! 📖

Adventures are more exciting when you’ve someone to share them with! So instead of a boring old schedule page, we decided to take you along on the journey by sharing our travel journal. Enjoy!

🖊️Adventure Journal Day One- April 23rd

Cricut Crafting Adventure Day One-

Dear Travel Journal,

Today, we started the adventure by walking out the door of our super cute retro motel room. It even had the cutest motel keychains. Amy started to muse away about how she would do a faux leather version. Then we took a walk through a cardstock forest with Nancy Joy while sipping away all casual cool with our citri-strip tumblers from Jamie Lee. Afterward, we packed up our custom travel gear (thanks to Whitney C.), picked up some fun memorabilia for our paper passport albums from Michelle and 12 ” x 12″ cardstock, (which I’ll also be adding my fabulous photo stickers that my friend Mim showed me how to make!) Then we grabbed our fun travel tote bags from Tracy, and headed out for our next day’s adventure! 

Edited to Add: Dear Travel Journal, she totally did it- and Amy’s faux leather motel keychains are EVEN cuter then the original inspiration! Like how does she even?

Amy Romeu

“So excited to start the Cricut Adventure with Tour Guide Amy Romeu and this simple but fabulous faux leather project!”

Michelle | 12" x 12" Cardstock Shop

“I absolutely LOVE the little details on this project. The outside is cute enough but those clever and adorable inserts  put this album over the top!”

Whitney Cernak

“Oh I am SO traveling in style with these fun and vibrant travel accessories! Love how easy it is to tell at a glance where everything is too! Plus, Whitney has the best drop shadow technique!”

Jamie Lee

“The gals at the coffee shop are sooo  jealous of my custom travel tumblers! I actually had to say they weren’t for sale. Should I tell them they can make their own? Hmm…. decisions…”

Nancy Joy

“Layered paper projects are always a favorite, both because they’re so easy and the results are magical. And this is such an unusual size- it’s perfect to display on my bookshelf!”

Mim Jenkinson

“If you don’t have a photo did it every really happen? 😂 Love how easy it was to turn my photos into stickers with Mim’s help!”

Tracy Lewis

“I turned around in line the other day and caught the person behind me reading my bag! Love how easy this is to personalize with my own adventures too!”

Day 1 Bonus Excursions ✈️

Our Cricut Adventure 2024 PREMIERE EXPEDITION!

“LOVE LOVE LOVE this Lei! And I can’t wait to learn from the queen of paper flowers, Abbi Kirsten in this special Expedition!” 

This Special YouTube Premiere will be held on Tuesday, April 23rd – and a replay will be available to all ticket holders later that week. 

Adventure into Procreate: Illustrated Travel Prints from Photos!

“Totally my favorite type of project! It’s personalized, easy for beginners, AND it looks fabulous. Seriously, no one would ever guess how simple it is. I’m literally painting over a photo! And Jen is THE BEST at teaching Procreate. (written by a third party reviewer and absolutely not your co-host).”

🖊️Adventure Journal Day Two- April 24th

Cricut Crafting Adventure Day Two-

Dear Travel Journal,

Today turned out to be a day filled with adventures that took me a little bit further down some paths I thought I’d already fully explored. How wrong I was! And how happy I was discover how much I could do with something as simple as cardstock! With just a few pieces of paper I made two fabulous cards, both of which had super sweet surprise elements! 

Lucy’s Road Trip card actually moves, and Emily’s Polaroid Card expanded into an entire album of pics and memories. Next I pulled out my markers and had my Cricut draw Jen G’s coloring cards! These are going to make the cutest little gift packets to share as I travel. And so creative! I made sure to take note of all the new ideas and inspirations in my new faux leather notebook that Jen S showed me how to make.

After feeling like I’d exhausted my cardstock stash this morning, I dug into my traveling htv stash (no judging!) and personalized some jewelry boxes with Amy P’s help! These make such wonderful little gifts. Even the teen girls I know love them!

Then, after lunch, I made myself a mocktail and put on some soothing wave music and imagined myself on the beach as I relaxed and enjoyed adding all the details to Michelle’s Sunset on the Beach Pop Up Box. With newfound energy I decided today was the day I tried UV Resin with Gina C. AND I’M SO HAPPY I DID! These keychains are the perfect souvenir for this day of adventure!

After all that, tonight, I just snuggled up by the fireplace in our fantastic vacation rental and watched two fantastic excursions, Jennifer M’s Canva and Sublimation Adventure and Amy R’s Adventure into DTF! Both of these women are experts at what they do, so it was so fun to see them try something new too! It seems Adventure is the theme for all of us this week!


Michelle Price

“Love the details in this pop up box! I can almost feel the ocean breeze and taste the tropical drinks! And I don’t know why, but the small details on this box just make me want to squeeze it, it’s so adorable!”

Gina Cortez

“Forget sand in a bottle, these little resin keychains are way more memorable and soo soo cute! I’m so excited to try my hand at UV Resin too! “

Emily Minor

“Emily’s a genius with photo cards. And this one would be SOOO much fun to get in the mail. I love how it looks like a normal card and then it opens and opens and opens with all those photos!”

Jen Stahr

“Faux leather AND foil??? This is like the most luxe travelers notebook ever and I can’t wait to bring it with my on my next trip to Europe. Just me, the view, and my little journal! That’s all I need.

 Oh, and a cafe au lait. And maybe a french croissant. THAT’S all I need. Sign me up!”

Jen Goode

“I love these for me! I mean, yeah, they’d be great for kids too, but who wouldn’t love to have a collection of these (and some little colored pencils) tucked away in their bag for the next time they have a few extra minutes?”

Lucy Foxworth

“Luuuucy! You’ve done it again! Lucy Foxworth makes the cutest pop-up cards, and this little car slider would make a great choice for grads, bdays, retirement or anyone getting ready for their next adventure.”

Amy Pelzner

“Why wouldn’t my bling need these cute little travel jewelry boxes with sparkly sayings? Love the options for personalizing too!”

Day 2 Bonus Excursions ✈️

Adventure Into Sublimation With Canva & Cricut Design Space

“Wow! I’m totally gob-smacked at how much is possible with this canva, and I love that Jennifer shows us how to do this sublimation wrap that don’t require me to dust off those art skills from grade school!”

Adventure Into DTF Crafting With Faux Leather

“DTF? What the heck? I’ve heard people talking about this but had NO IDEA how cool it was, not until Amy showed me how! Oh, and these cute little adventure keychains? You get one, and you get one and you get one…..wink.”

🖊️Adventure Journal Day Three- April 25th

Cricut Crafting Adventure Day Three-

Today was a “free” day on my trip, and I’m so glad I had the time to sit still and really play with all the new ideas I have! After yesterday’s cardstock adventures I felt so much more confident making Sarah E’s Roadtrip Layered Papercraft and the detailed cuts in Elena’s National Parks Scrapbook Layouts were actually easy!

Snack time snuck up on me (I often lose track of the clock when I’m crafting or exploring) and I admit to feeling a little peckish. It was so fun to open up the traveling snackle box I made with Debbie O for a quick bite! 

Feeling confident (and awfully pleased with my trip so far) I decided to explore some new to me techinques, like screenprinting these cute car coasters with Jen S, foiling travel themed bookmarks with Kelsey S, and adding a holographic laminate to my Print then Cut Countdown Magnet with Kelly R. So many fun adventures today!

After trying so many new things today it makes me wonder, what else is possible? I’m happy with my Cricut adventures so far, but if I took the next step to a new machine how would that expand the limits for what I could make out even further? Of course, Bail A’s Adventure into Laser Crafting and Courtney’s fabulous introduction to Siser might have had something to do with the direction of my thoughts! 

They say a happy adventurer is always looking ahead to the next trip and I’m so happy I have my new little faux leather notebook handy. The adventures I’ve had so far this week, and playing with all these new techniques gave me even MORE ideas for what to explore next!

Sarah Edwards

“This is so fun and brings back memories of traveling with my parents in the family station wagon, with the roof piled high with all the luggage, and songs and snacks to pass the time on the road trips to some beautiful national park or to go see the largest ball of string, lol! I can’t wait to make this adorable papercraft and display it in a special place to remind me of all those happy times!


Debbie O'Neal

“Okay, seriously? A SNACKLE BOX? Where were you during all the road trips and fishing trips of my youth? This is so fun and so clever I can’t wait to make one or two or three…..Oh, look, like any good snacker I just can’t stop!”

Kelsey Sergi

“Just imagine, you’re sitting at the little cafe at the airport when it’s time to head for your gate. You quickly slide in one of these travel themed bookmarks, grab. your suitcase, and then as soon as you’re on the plane you go right back to reading. It’s convenience and style!”

Elena Anderson

“What a great excuse to get my photos off my phone and into an album. I love the animal cut-outs, and Elena even has options for different places in her VIP pass! Seaside here I come.”

Jennifer Sanderson

“How did I never think of accessorizing my road trips with cool themed car accessories? I mean, really. I absolutely love these car coasters and they actually match my cool citri-strip tumbler from Jamie Lee. Now I’m wondering what else I could make?! “

Kelly Rossouw

“For everyone who looks forward to a trip as much as they look forward to Christmas, this countdown calendar is such an “aha” moment. It’s perfect because the anticipation is such a big part of the fun!”

Day 3 Bonus Excursions ✈️

Adventure Into Laser Crafting At Home

“WOW! I had no idea how versatile laser crafting could be. And I’m super glad I watched this handy resource from Bail. Before this I didn’t know what I didn’t know. If you know what I mean!”

Adventure Into Crafting With Siser

“These travel games are SO handy and SO cute. And can I just say I love that they come in this cute little box and are erasable too! And really, they’re just perfect to tuck in my person for anytime I’m waiting somewhere and want something to do with the person next to me!”

🖊️Adventure Journal Day Four- April 26th

Cricut Crafting Adventure Day Four-

Dear Travel Journal, I started the day SO rested! It really does make a huge difference to have things dark in the room as I sleep. My new travel sleep mask from Alice S was the perfect pre-trip project! And the travel companion I never knew I needed. I must look so travel-chic on the plane wearing my custom sleep mask and my Airplane Mode T-shirt from Chelly O!

Speaking of travel buddies, I had so much fun crafting with my friends today – we made Sarah C’s Layered Photo Wall Art and laughed as we looked through our phones for photos to use. Of course, it took me forever to FIND my phone, good thing we each had made one of Laura L’s adventure tote bags this morning. It will help me keep all my necessities together. 

And after lunch we tried two techniques that were new to ALL OF US! Do you know how crazy rare that is with this group of crafting friends? First, we cut felt on our Cricut to make Jane V’s super sweet felt vacation ornaments. 

THEN, we cut POLYMER CLAY with a Cricut. Oh, yes. You read that right. Stephanie P showed us how to make the cutest little polaroid earrings. They have little photos in them and EVERYTHING! I LOVE this project!

SO fun to wrap up day FOUR of this adventure with two more fun excursions! Elly Mae H introduced our group to designing with Rhinestones using Silhouette Studio. I legitimately want to bling all the things. And after showing off what I’ve made on this adventure so far I’ve had soo many people texting me “could you make me one too?!” They even offer to pay me, but I haven’t replied because I don’t know what to tell them. 

Let’s just say Jamela P’s adventure into pricing was incredibly well-timed!

Sarah Christie

“Layered paper projects are always a favorite, both because they’re so easy and the results are magical. You’ll love the addition of the photos to this project!”

Chelly Ontis

“Hahahaha. Everyday. But, seriously, totally making this for my next trip! It’s simple, cute and something I’d definitely wear again and again. Okay, yeah, now that I think about it- it’s totally an everyday shirt!”

Stephanie Paxman

“Cutting clay with a Cricut?? What is this magic? This workshop opened up an entirely new direction for me to explore with my crafting. Thanks Stephanie!.”

Alice Smith-Goeke

“Hmmm… stylish, crafty, uber soft sleep masks. ON A CRICUT?! How did I not know this was possible? Alice constantly surprises me with what’s possible once you know how to cut fabric with a Cricut.”

Laura Lambert

“Summer reading season is almost here, and I love that Laura not only accessorizes the book bag but shows me how to use my vinyl scraps, too!”

Jane Vranic

“I can’t wait to make these sweet little panorama felt ornaments for our tree this year! And how did I never cut felt on my Maker before this?!?”

Day 4 Bonus Excursions ✈️

Adventure Into Designing w/ Rhinestones - Silhouette Studio

Hmm… is the sun in my eyes or is that flash of glitter something else? WAIT???!!! Are those RHINESTONES?!!!! I want to bling everything now! So excited to have Elly Mae teach me her magic!”

Adventure Into Pricing For The Craftpreneur

“This adventure is just what I needed! And since the VIP Pass for this summit comes with a commercial license for all the workshop freebies, I’m definitely going to make to sell this summer!”

🖊️Adventure Journal Day Five- April 27th

Cricut Crafting Adventure Day Five-

Dear Travel Journal, what a way to end the Cricut Crafting Adventure! First, I tried Amy N’s glass etching adventure with this cute little mirror I found in a little thrift shop downtown. It really made this into a statement piece I can’t wait to hang up at home. (haha- you’ll have to look close to see the statement it made!). 

All these thoughts of heading home started me thinking about the journey and how grateful I am that I got to spend this time adventuring with you and all my friends! I’m so glad I have Erin R’s travel map to remember past adventures and focus on the ones I still want to take.

But the adventure isn’t over yet! This afternoon I picked a particularly poignant photo and used Naomi G’s technique of expanding it on different layers. It really is a simple but striking effect that I can’t wait to explore more. Then we adventured with resin again and made these acrylic board games for the trip home. 

Finally, over a last cup of coffee with my friends (we all had our Infusible Ink coffee mugs from Creative Fabrica) we wrote out a few “wish you were here” cards to friends who couldn’t make the trip this year (thanks to Brandi M’s cute layered card design!)

I saved Chris B’s adventure into sublimation patches and Gjoa’s adventure into AI for the plane trip home. I’m so excited to start thinking and planning for our next crafting adventure!

Brandi Mahon

“For all those times you’re sitting on the beach and missing the one person who, if they were sitting next to you, would have made the moment perfect.”

Amanda DiNovo

“Love how adventurous this technique is! And Amanda showed me how to bring my love of adventure into my home decor with this thrift store find- that makes this absolutely MY kind of adventure!”

Naomi Garcia

“So precious! It really is the sweet small moments that seem to leave the biggest impression on the heart. And this project really zooms in on those moments with this layered technique. Love it!!!”

Kelly Rossouw | Creative Fabrica

“So glad Creative Fabrica is sharing Kelly and her techniques with our adventure- I’m so excited to learn more about infusible ink!”

Betsy Smith

“The kids get restless as they travel, and having a little bag of entertainment like this for restaurants, the plane, or the car is the perfect solution!”

Erin Reed

“I LOVE travel maps that give me the chance to think about all the places I’ve been and all the places I want to go someday!”

Day 5 Bonus Excursions ✈️

Adventure Into Trendy Sublimated Patches

“I’ve seen these cute patches on hats in different shops but could never find one with just the right saying. How cool to know it’s this easy to create my own!”

Adventure into AI for Crafters

“WOW! I am seriously so blown away by how much fun AI can be. And Gjoa explained it so well, and showed me exactly how I could use it with my crafting. Now that I’ve caught a glimpse at the possibilities I’m so excited to try it!”

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