Cricut Crafting Adventure 2023

March 28th - April 1st, 2023

Meet the Cricut Adventure Tour Guides!

Join us for 30+ travel-themed crafting adventures during a 5-day virtual event…PLUS 10 different excursions. 

The Excursions are bonus presentations that may be a day trip into something a little off the beaten path of Cricut crafting- like sublimation or using a laser machine, or designing with Procreate and Canva.  Or you may choose to adventure into a deep dive on cardstock, foiling, or using the Cricut hat press. There’s more than that below!

We're Amy & Jen, your Cricut Adventure hosts

We’re so glad to welcome you to the Cricut Adventure! As your hosts, we’re thrilled to be able to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. With this experience, we hope to get you to be brave, try something new, and challenge yourself to try new things with your Cricut. 

Long-time crafting besties, we know how much MORE fun it is to do something creative together, and that’s why we’re so happy to have all our tour guides and YOU joining us on this adventure!

Amy Romeu of Amy Romeu Crafts

Amy Romeu

“Hi, I’m Amy Romeu of amyromeu.com. When I’m not making jewelry projects with my Cricut, I’m busy with my four kids. I’m a crafter by day, baseball mom at night… and on the weekends… and all summer long.

When I do have free time, crafting with friends is my favorite thing to do. I can’t wait to be able to craft virtually with Jen, our attendees, and all of you!”

Pic of Me blue Hair copy

Jen Swift

“Hey! My name is Jen Swift and you might have seen me around as Well Crafted Studio. I LOVE LOVE LOVE cheesy puns and having a good time with my crafty friends. 

Taking this trip with Amy has been an absolute blast so far and I can’t wait to add more of you as travel companions!”

Meet our 5-Star ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Cricut Adventure Tour Guides!

Cricut Crafting Adventure has many of the best-loved guides in the Cricut crafting world as your personal tour guides! 

These are people who are passionate about what they teach, and they love to share what they’re excited about with others. 



Character Experience Autograph Book w/ Custom Photo Stickers

Print Then Cut

“One of my favorite things about going on theme park vacations is character experiences! In this adventure, you’ll learn how to make a DIY autograph book for collecting the autographs of your favorite characters. 

Then we are going to be turning those treasured photographs of your family and their favorite pals into Print Then Cut photo stickers to decorate the pages with. You’ll even learn how to turn digital paper and patterns into pretty sticker photo frames! At the end of this class you will have created a treasured family keepsake and learned some new Cricut skills!”        -Crystal A.

Michelle Beaton


Print Then Cut Travel Stickers

Print Then Cut

“Ever wanted to learn how to make stickers with your Cricut? Learn step by step how to print then cut with your Cricut to make vintage inspired travel stickers. I’ll teach you tips and tricks of print settings and the BEST sticker paper.”       

-Michelle B

Abbi Cain-Gillepsie


How To Make A Photo Adventure Map For Wall Art

Print then Cut

“Personalize your own adventure photo map! Learn how to create a map of the USA, mountain terrain, or the world with family photos of your travels. Display your one-of-a-kind map showing where you’ve been as home decor or a unique gift. In this workshop, you will learn Cricut Print Then Cut skills, vinyl techniques, and clipping images into shapes!”     -Abbi Kirsten C

Excursion: Cardstock Tips + Tricks

Excursion Leader

“Deep dive into cardstock”.    -Cricut Adventure

Gina Cortez


How to Make a Family Beach Vacation Shirt with Layered HTV

Vinyl Craft

“Learn how to layer a multi-colored vinyl shirt. I will help you explore some tools in Design Space so you can personalize your own family beach vacation shirt. I will go over tips on prepping your shirt for pressing and how to fix any mistakes that might happen along the way! It’s going to be an adventure for sure!”     -Gina C

Kimberly Costa


Excursion: Create a Travel Sticker Collection using Canva

Excursion Leader

“In this workshop, we’re going to first learn how to source graphics inside and outside of Canva. Then we’re going to learn how to identify small differences in style that’ll help us apply easy techniques to turn those individual graphics into a sticker collection you can use in your digital planner or use with your Cricut machine.”     -Kim C

Gjoa Crandell


Excursion: Using Cricut Design Space to Extend Your Creativity

Excursion Leader

“Wondering how to create with your mobile? In this excursion I’ll be showing you how easy it is to craft on the go when you use Cricut for mobile and tablet!

-Gjoa C

Kelly from Creative Fabrica


Woodburning Signs with a Cricut


“Together with Creative Fabrica, Kelly will show you how to easily burn fun designs into wood using your Cricut machine, and all of the tips and tricks needed to make your first adventure into wood burning a great success!

With Creative Fabrica’s All Access Subscription, you can get access to 6 million+ fonts and designs. Try the amazing subscription now and download 10 fonts & designs of your choice for FREE here!” 

-Creative Fabrica

Natalie DesRochers


How to Make Funny Glow-in-the-Dark Pajama Shirts for Camping Adventures!

Vinyl Craft

“Use Glow-in-the-dark Iron-on vinyl and regular Iron-on to make this funny shirt for kids and delight them when the sentence changes in the dark! You’ll see, the looks on the children’s faces will be priceless!”     -Natalie D

Excursion: What you NEED to Know About the Cricut Foiling Tool!

Excursion Leader

“Adventure into Foiling with this presentation on how the Cricut foiling tool works.”   -Cricut Adventure

Sarah Edwards


Add-A -hoto Travel Memories Papercraft Shadowbox

Paper Craft

“Make your vacation memories last a lifetime with this beautiful shadow box papercraft project. 

Showcase your favourite beach photo in a beautiful layered papercraft shadow box. In this step-by-step video, see how to perfectly size your photo to fit the design in Cricut Design Space, how to print-then-cut with your Cricut machine and how to stick everything together in your frame. This is a great papercraft project for all crafting abilities, whether you’re new to papercrafting with a Cricut or you’ve been crafting for years!”     -Sarah E

Cricut Adventure Tour Guide Pics PNG-2


How to Make A Mini-Bus Pop Up Card

Paper Craft

“Let’s make a mini-bus pop up card with our Cricut! This simple tutorial will teach you how to use score lines when crafting a cute card you can make for the adventurer in your life. This would be perfect for a “next adventure” graduation or retirement card!”     -Lucy F

Excursion: Adding 3D Textures to Your Papercrafts

Excursion Leader

“Try your hand at adding texture with this step-by-step project tutorial!”

Naomi Garcia


Travel Tic Tac Toe

Vinyl and Fabric

“Make this super fun and extremely portable tic tac toe game for kids to carry along.  I’ll even demonstrate ways to customize for any adventure.”     -Naomi G

Excursion: Venturing Into Glass Etching

Excursion Leader

“The Cricut Adventure continues with a deep dive into glass etching!  Join me to see how to use your Cricut to make beautiful glass etching projects.”

Cricut Adventure Tour Guide Pics PNG


How to Personalize Luggage and Luggage Tags

Vinyl Craft

“Make travel extra special with personalized luggage tags. I will help you turn plain travel items into something spectacular!” -Tisa J

Laura Lambert


Learn to Make Wrapped Glass Tumblers

Vinyl Craft

“As soon as I found these glass can tumblers, I was hooked on them! 

These tumblers work great with permanent adhesive vinyl and don’t even need to be sealed. They are super popular and a great beginner-friendly project for Cricut crafters of all levels. Today, we will be wrapping our tumbler with a beach-themed design and we will cover working with adhesive vinyl, wrapped design strategies, working with glass can tumblers, layering vinyl, and more! Join me and get ready for your next crafting addiction! These are too fun! ”     -Laura L

Tracy Lewis


How to Make a Keepsake Box for All of Your Travel Adventures!

Papercraft + Vinyl Craft

“In this workshop, we’ll transform a plain wooden box into a beautiful travel keepsake box. Learn how to paint a wooden box with acrylic paint and add the free SVG using adhesive vinyl to create the perfect place to keep your all your travel treasures! I will also show you how to size and print your digital paper using Google Docs and we’ll add it to the inside of your keepsake box with mod podge!”     -Tracy L

Brandi Mahon


Mini RV Farewell Greeting Card

Paper Craft

“In this workshop, you will get an exclusive SVG to create this super cute Mini RV Farewell Greeting Card, perfect for all of the RVers in your life.  We will use traditional cardstock, pattern paper, as well as HTV to create intricate sentiments.”     -Brandi M



Jennifer Maker



Expedition into Sublimation~


“Discover a variety of ways to enter the world of sublimation using your Cricut machine! I’ll show you how to personalize gorgeous, full color designs onto a travel mug, a backpack, a travel journal, flip flops, and a can cooler using sublimation prints, pens, markers, and transfer sheets (Infusible Ink). Come on a fun sublimation adventure with me!”     

-Jennifer M

Megan Meketa


Travel Photo Magnets

Magnets + Wood

“Create a photo frame with your Cricut! This frame is inspired by a Polaroid style photo and uses wood, acetate, and magnets! Follow along for crafty tips, tricks, and alternate material suggestions if you’re not using a Cricut Maker machine!”     -Megan M

Excursion: Using the Cricut Hat Press

Excursion Leader

“Learn to use the Cricut Hat Press with this fun day trip into the possibilities of creating your own hats. If you were wondering what you can do with the hat press, or just looking for an excuse to buy one- Megan’s got you covered! (haha punny, right?)”      -Cricut Adventure

Emily Minor


Capture Your Travel Memories with a Photo Explosion Box

Paper Craft

“You’ll learn to make a simple photo explosion box with your favorite travel memories. Emily will teach you how to add your own photos to projects using Design Space. Get ready to relive your travels and create a one-of-a-kind keepsake!”    

-Emily M

Debbie O'Neal


How To Create a Fun Travel Tote with Iron-On Vinyl

Vinyl Craft

“Show your adventurous spirit with a bag you made yourself! Learn tips for successfully layering two different iron-on vinyl types to a canvas tote bag. Pick up Design Space tips you can use on other Cricut projects too. Create the perfect trip accessory for your next adventure!”     

-Debbie O

Chelly Ontis


Make an Airplane Travel Scrapbook Page with Your Cricut

Paper Craft

“Learn how easy it can be to make scrapbook page layouts with your Cricut or cutting machine. Using my SimplyCUTe SVG, some fun paper, and a few creative steps, you now have a professional-looking layout that’s cute and simple to create.”     

-Chelly O

Stephanie Paxman


How to Make Waterproof Toiletries Labels for Traveling

Print then Cut

“Traveling with only a carry-on bag is more and more appealing these days. But that means you have to downsize a lot of your bathroom essentials! Using Print then Cut with your Cricut, let’s make cute waterproof labels to keep all your bottles organized. I’ll even share backgrounds and the font I use so you can add any additional items I didn’t include.”     

-Stephanie P

Jamela Payne


How To Make A Hand Sewn Leather Passport Cover

Leather Craft

“In this workshop, you will learn how to cut leather with your Cricut machine. We’ll also put the cover together and then finish it with vinyl words. You’ll adventure in style with this one-of-a-kind travel accessory you made yourself!

I will walk through cutting the material, putting the pieces together, and also hand-sewing the pieces together. There will also be files available without the stitch holes.”    

 -Jamela P

Amy Pelzner


How to Make an Easy Personalized Travel Tumbler

Vinyl Craft

“Learn how to make a quick and easy custom travel tumbler to take with you or to give as a gift. I will teach you a few tips and tricks to ensure the image is straight on the tumbler and to get the best possible adhesion to your surface. Then, take these easy-to-care-for and fun-to-take-with tumblers on all your adventures!”     

-Amy P

Michelle B & P-3


How to Make a Beach Tote Gift Box

Paper Craft

“Let’s make an adorable beach tote complete with a mini lei. This is a fun way to give a retirement or travel gift to someone! We’ll learn how to make a dimensional purse/bag with paper and explore some of my favorite papers from 12×12 Cardstock Shop.”     

-Michelle from 12″ x 12″ Cardstock Shop

Amy Romeu


Make Vintage Camper Earrings & a Keychain with a Cricut

Faux Leather

 “In this workshop, I’ll show you how to use faux leather, heat transfer vinyl, and a Cricut to create these fun and “campy” vintage camper earrings and keychain with a Cricut.”     

-Amy R


Jennifer Sanderson


Adventure into Screen Printing with Vinyl!

Vinyl Craft

“Learn how to screen print using your Cricut machine and adhesive vinyl. Jennifer will walk you through the entire process step by step. You’ll see just how easy it is to make professional quality shirts using your Cricut. You’ll feel like you went on a Cricut adventure after this fun workshop!”     

-Jennifer S

Kelsey Sergi


How to Make Postcards - Shaker, Movement and Cut Out

Paper Craft

“Together we will assemble three different postcards – one with manual movement, one shaker, and one with a print and cut option. These are super fun to assemble to show off your creativity while on the move!”

-Kelsey S

Betsy Smith


Easy Resin Travel Fund Piggy Bank with Cricut Decals

Resin + Vinyl

“Ready to try resin? Let’s prepare for our next trip with an adorable adventure fund! We’ll start by using a silicone mold to pour our resin “piggy bank” and then personalize it with a fun vinyl SVG. Save your pennies in style with this fun craft!”    -Betsy S


Alice Smith- Goeke


How to Make a Felt Pennant WHILE You Travel!

Felt Craft

“This project will keep your hands busy while you travel AND you can use your travel experience as inspiration for the hand sewn decorations. We’ll pre-cut the pieces and get them ready to assemble so you can create on the go! You can even add some souvenirs to your pennant as you travel and it will remind you of your adventure later.”     

-Alice S

Cricut Adventure Tour Guide Pics PNG


Climb Every Rhinestone Mountain T-Shirt with Cricut

Rhinestone + Vinyl Craft

“Learn how to cut a rhinestone template, place the stones, and make a fun, Adventure-ous t-shirt to wear on your (hopefully) many trips! ”     -Jennifer S

Jen Swift


Adventure into Engraving with a Wood Travel Journal

Engraving + Wood

“Try something new! If you’ve never tried engraving with your Cricut this adventure is one you WON’T want to miss. In this workshop, we’ll be using the Cricut Engraving Tool with WOOD! We’ll also be playing with different types of stain to finish these notebooks with style.”    – Jen S

Excursion: Combining Procreate + Your Cricut Crafts

Excursion Leader

“Make illustrated maps in Procreate, a digital drawing app for the iPad. With this excursion we’ll go from Procreate to Cricut with enough shortcuts to make this an adventure!”  

-Cricut Adventure

Tara Wiley


How to Make an Adventure Awaits Cake Topper

Paper Craft

“Join me in this beginner friendly workshop as I walk you through every step to create a layered paper cake topper using your Cricut machine. You’ll see how to assemble your cake topper and I’ll share paper crafting secrets throughout the workshop. You can craft right along with me and will finish the workshop feeling more confident with your paper crafting skills!”     -Tara W

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