Welcome Speakers to the Cricut Crafting Adventure!

March 28th- April 1st, 2023

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Woohoo! We’re so glad you’re here and considering joining us on this adventure!

Our mission is to create an exciting and inspiring event that showcases your work and talent to an audience who is excited to embark on a new adventure with their Cricut machine – a virtual crafting experience that encourages them to try new projects, techniques, and materials.

As your hosts – Amy Romeu and Jennifer Swift –  we plan to support you as both project creators and business owners so that you’ll feel thrilled that you chose to participate in this event (more on us below).

What the Adventure is All About

The Cricut Crafting Adventure summit is a 5 day, online crafting event happening from March 28-April 1, 2023.

It will bring together over 30+ Cricut crafting experts (that’s you!) to share original projects while encouraging, educating, and inspiring Cricut crafters everywhere!

Before we get in to the details, let’s address a question you may have already:

Um, what does “Cricut Crafting Adventure” really mean? That’s a great question!

For your hosts, it’s the idea that all crafting should be fun and approached with a sense of wonder and curiosity (instead of fear and anxiety!). For crafters who struggle with feeling stressed or overwhelmed when crafting, we want our event to encourage them to shift their mindset from being afraid to being adventurous

We want all crafters to take a journey with our speakers into exploring their Cricut machines with excitement and enthusiasm – hence the name “Cricut Crafting Adventure.”
To tie this all together for this event, we would like the projects you create for the summit to be “adventure inspired!” More on that in a bit!

We’ve put together this page to provide information about the event and (hopefully!) answer all of your questions, but if you still have questions after reviewing this speaker page, feel free to send us (Amy & Jen!) an email at [email protected].

How It Will All Work

The Cricut Crafting Adventure summit is a free event that will take place from March 28-April 1, 2023.

  • It will feature recorded crafting presentations each day from our incredible speakers, and attendees will be able to watch each presentation for free within 24 hours of when the presentation airs on the event platform (ThriveCart Learn).
  • Presentations should demonstrate to viewers how to create the project from start to finish.
  • Each presentation will include a free, original crafting template (design) that will be available to attendees for 24 hours.
  • Speakers (“Tour Guides”) and attendees (“Adventurers”) will have a Facebook group to interact in.
  • Before the event begins, you’ll be given the day and time your event will air between March 28 and April 1.
  • You will have the opportunity to earn affiliate commission by sharing the event VIP Pass with your audience (more on the VIP Pass in a bit!).

Your Presentation

Your presentation should be filmed in a horizontal format and be 20-30 minutes in total length. In your presentation, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Introduce yourself and your blog/website/channel.
  • Go over the list of supplies and materials needed to create the project.
  • Show viewers through screen recordings how to use the craft template in Cricut Design Space.
  • Demonstrate the assembly of the project step by step.
  • Encourage Adventurers to share their makes inside of the Event Facebook group.
  • At the end of the presentation, you’ll have 2-3 minutes to pitch a product you offer to the viewers.
  • See our suggested workshop outline below.

Some important things to keep in mind for your presentation:

  • Keep it as short as possible to increase viewer watch time!
  • Your project & SVG template should be an original creation.
  • You’ll include affiliate links for all the supplies and materials used in a “packing list”… get it?
  • We will ask for an “itinerary” for Adventurers, which is just our cutesy wording for a quick run down of project steps. We will add them to a printable PDF of your project for event attendees.
  • We will create captions for your video for increased accessibility.

Suggested Outline for Your Adventure Workshop

Travel Tip: The average adult has an attention span of 17 min. You want to leave them excited to know more about you and confident that they can make your project. ❤️

All the Details

1. Basic Information & Project Idea

We can’t wait to feature you on your speaker page! We’ll ask for your name, a short bio, a photo, and links to your blog/website and social media accounts. We’ll also ask for a favorite travel memory, just for fun!

We’ll also want to know what project you’ll be creating and sharing with the Adventurers, and which Cricut machine you’ll be using (Cricut Maker 3, Maker, Explore 3, Explore Air 2, or Joy). Don’t worry, we’ll send you a form to easily collect all of this data from you once you agree to go on this journey with us!

See some suggested ideas a little further down this speaker page. We are more than happy to help you brainstorm, too!

2. Affiliate Info

Crafting summits are a great way to earn affiliate income! All speaker affiliates will earn a 50% commission for each VIP Pass they sell using their affiliate links through their ThriveCart dashboard. You’ll receive an invitation to create an affiliate account for our event after you’ve agreed to participate.

We have more information about affiliates in the Affiliate Details section below.

3. Speaker Benefits

Besides affiliate commission, of course, there are so many more amazing benefits we want our speakers to enjoy as a result of participating in this event! Some of them include:

  • Increased exposure of you and your brand to a larger audience.
  • Email list and social media growth – woo hoo!
  • Networking with fellow crafters – develop partnerships and future collaborations.
  • Potential increased visibility to brands throughout the event.
  • The opportunity to pitch your products, programs, and courses to a warm audience.
  • Access to thousands of potential new fans and followers in the Facebook group.

4. Project Design or Template

Our Adventurers will be so excited to create your projects using your original crafting templates! Please provide your crafting template in SVG or PNG format so attendees can use to make your project. 

Also, as speakers in several summits, we’ve heard from attendees that they would really like to have a commercial license for the free craft templates included for VIP Passholders. This is something that will help you sell more VIP Passes as affiliates too. Don’t worry, we will ask your permission during the speaker information process.

5. VIP Pass Contribution

The VIP Pass will offer many “travel rewards” to our Adventurers!

Fair warning: We will incorporate as many cheesy travel themed words as possible into this Speaker Information Page. We can’t help ourselves! Kidding. Not kidding.

Some of those rewards are:

  • Instant, lifetime access to the presentation videos, SVG craft templates, and printable directions.
  • Easy, one click downloads for all SVG crafting templates.
  • Written transcripts for all presentation videos.
  • Access to an exclusive VIP Passholder “virtual swag bag.”
  • Bonuses from you, our amazing speakers (optional, but encouraged!)

Bonus ideas include:

    • Extra designs (this works well if you’re trying to make affiliate sales).
    • E-book or Mini E-book.
    • Mini-course or workshop that’s an introduction to a paid course. 
    • Trial Subscription to a membership.
    • Gift Card to your SVG shop.
    • And more!

6. Promo Period

The 3-week promotional period for the Cricut Crafting Adventure will start at 9:00 am EST on March 8th. 

You can tease it in the week before the promo in your emails, but please don’t share details (or links) until after 9:00 am EST on March 8th.

7. Social Media Promotion

We encourage you to begin sharing the Adventure on social media beginning March 8th. We request you email your entire subscriber list during the promotion period of March 8 – April 1 at least once, and promote the Event at least twice on your most active social media account.

Remember you have the opportunity to earn more affiliate revenue when you share the word about the event often and on multiple platforms.

We’ll also be providing you with social media marketing tools. You can see more on this below!

8. Giveaways (Optional)

We want this event to be a success for you, our speakers, and we know offering giveaway prizes to attendees is a great way to increase your brand awareness, grow your social media followings, and give your email list a boost!

Providing something for our giveaway is optional, but highly encouraged! All that’s required is for you to provide the prize and an email opt-in page where you can promote your giveaway and your business.

9. Facebook Group Participation

We will have a free Facebook group for all Adventurers, and it will be a great place for you to engage with the attendees! We ask that you join the Facebook group before the official promo period begins on March 7 and you are active and available in the group to answer questions on your presentation day.

If you want to engage more in the Facebook group, please do! As speakers in past summits, we’ve really enjoyed interacting with event attendees inside the groups. You can be as cheesy as you want- we won’t judge. 

And it’s an extra perk for you as a Speaker! You can use the group to get in front of a large shared audience and help attendees get to know, like and trust you in a variety of fun ways, like creating a video introduction to you and your workshop. (This is an opportunity to showcase special products you use and mention your paid product or opt-in again). 

Travel-Themed Project Ideas

Since we know we’re going outside the box, asking for a travel-themed workshop project, we thought we’d try and jumpstart your creativity with some possible project ideas. Don’t feel like you’re limited by the list though, if you have a fabulous idea you should totally go for it!


If you see one project in particular that you love, let us know right away with an email at [email protected]. We’re going with the time-proven method of “calling dibs.” That’s how we roll.

39 Travel-Themed Project Ideas

Travel Tip – Make a project that will work as the first part of a funnel to your paid project, promotional goals, email list etc. 

Affiliate Details

We are excited to offer our Tour Guides a little something extra for an excellent tour – in the form of 50% commission on all sales (made through their affiliate links) for the VIP Pass.

The first round of commission payouts will be made by April 10, 2023.

Our affiliate program will be hosted on ThriveCart. You’ll receive an invitation to become an affiliate shortly after you agree to participate and you sign the Speaker Contract.

The pricing structure for VIP Pass sales for the Event will be:

  • $47 early bird pricing (after $39 Fast Action offer expires) (March 8 – 27)
  • $59 during the event (March 28 – April 1)
  • $97 after the event (which you can promote all year round!)

Promotional Assets

We’ll have everything you need to promote the adventure, including Canva Templates, photos and swipe copy. Plus, talking points and a brand kit if you’d like to create your own custom promotional materials.

What to Do First

Plan Ahead for Success!

Like with any adventure, planning the trip is a huge part of the fun and usually creates a smoother experience for everyone involved. We want to see you, as our “tour guides” profit and connect with our attendees. 

Do Right Away!

In Next Two Months

When the Experience Starts

Important Dates

About Your Hosts

Amy Romeu of Amy Romeu Crafts

Amy Romeu

Hi, I’m Amy Romeu of amyromeu.com. When I’m not making jewelry projects with my Cricut, I’m busy with my four kids. I’m a crafter by day, baseball mom at night… and on the weekends… and all summer long.

When I do have free time, crafting with friends is my favorite thing to do. I can’t wait to be able to craft virtually with Jen, our attendees, and all of you!

Pic of Me blue Hair copy

Jen Swift

Hey! My name is Jen Swift and you might have seen me around as Well Crafted StudioI LOVE LOVE LOVE cheesy puns and having a good time with my crafty friends. 

Taking this trip with Amy has been an absolute blast so far and I can’t wait to add more of you as travel companions!

Contact Us

Seriously, we are so over-the-top excited that you’re considering joining us on this adventure!

We realize your time and creativity is valuable and want to make this a profitable experience for you!

If you have questions on how to plan, promote, or profit from your participation in this summit we’d love to help! Both Amy and Jen have been top earners in several different summits and can give you some pointers on how to maximize your potential success. ❤️

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]